About Our Company

Jonathan Duke Software has the expertise to deliver the software solutions that will put your business ahead of the competition. We specialize in applications based on Microsoft's latest technologies such as C#/.NET, ASP.NET MVC, and SQL Server. We use current web technologies and cross-platform frameworks to ensure that the user experience is reliable and consistent across all types of devices.

We want to use our extensive industry experience to design a solution that is personally tailored to your company's needs. Our applications are developed in an object-oriented, modular fashion so that your team can easily make modifications when unexpected changes arise in your business requirements. Flexibility is an essential component in our design process, and our goal is for our software to continue serving your needs long after we have delivered the code.

Jonathan formed this company in 2008 after working for various consulting companies throughout the Dallas, Texas area for nearly a decade. After spending a few years working for some smaller companies and leading the development of several innovative applications, he became a full-time consultant in order to utilize his skills and experience in a demanding market. This opportunity provided exposure to newer technologies and several talented teams with different perspectives on development.

Building upon that experience, this business was created to provide focused services to a broader range of customers. In 2009, we relocated to East Texas and continue to invest in emerging technologies to broaden our knowledge and assist our clients with all of their technology goals.

Services We Offer

Custom Software Development

Whether you need an end-to-end solution or simply a module that enhances your existing application, we can help. Although we have a vast amount of experience developing web applications, we can also create software that runs locally on your computer, a mobile device, or a kiosk system. The most complex piece of most applications is the part that your customers never see. We can build services that run on your server to process data in real-time, or we can help you develop an application framework that helps your team create solutions for your own customers in half the time. The possibilities are endless, and we look forward to helping your business reach its full potential.

Short-Term Augmentation

Many smaller companies cannot afford to employ a large development staff or bring in consultants for long periods of time. Most staffing and consulting companies are unable to adequately provide those companies with highly-skilled resources without locking them into a long-term contract. Have you ever wished that you could have an expert come in for a month, week, or even just a day to help you meet an impossible deadline or fix the difficult issues that have been looming for far too long? We actively seek and thrive in this type of situation. We can provide help to your team on a short-term project and require no long-term commitment. We're confident that you'll continue to bring us back when you are faced with new challenges in the future.

Technology Consulting

Our wide range of industry experience allows us to approach your problems from a different perspective. If you don't even know what kind of technology you should use for your latest project, we can do the research and help you make the best decision. If you don't have the luxury of choosing the wrong technology and sacrificing valuable weeks of development, we can even develop prototype applications for you that test and prove the validity of your design before your team begins to write any code. We will find the solution that is the best fit for you, whether it is something we can develop for you or a third-party product.

Database Design & Optimization

One key component that determines how well your web applications perform is the database. Without a properly designed database, your customers could face a slow browsing experience and even timeouts during periods of high traffic. Whether you need us to design your database structure from the ground up or just need assistance in figuring out why certain queries are running inefficiently, we can find a solution for you. We can even help you migrate from your existing data structure into a completely different database design.

Web Design

In today's world, doing business without an Internet presence is unthinkable. If you don't know where to begin when it comes to creating a website, let us help you create a site that you will be proud to show to your customers.

Customer Comments

This business is based on the reputation of excellence and quality that Jonathan Duke has established through years of experience, successful projects, and satisfied customers.

We value our corporate relationships and derive a large portion of our business from repeat customers. Here are just a few of the comments that our work has received:

  • "I'd love to tell anyone how pleased we have been with your work... I don't know what I would have done without you. I'm sure we will be working together again at some point. "
    -- Mark Wright, Eastex Crude Company
  • "Jonathan is an expert at .NET development, SQL Server, Silverlight and other related technologies. He is welcome on any project we have in the future that requires his expertise."
    -- Earl Williams, Fidelity Solutions
  • "Jonathan is the most brilliant software architect/developer that I have ever met. His ability to analyze a problem and develop a solution always amazes me. I would not hesitate to work with Jonathan in the future. There is always something that I can learn from him."
    -- Jeff Hines, Terremark Worldwide
  • "Jonathan is by far one of the most capable software architects that I have worked with. He is highly detailed and thoughtful in his analysis and design. Jonathan takes great pride in what he produces and therefore produces very high quality software. I would hire Jonathan again for a project of any size or complexity."
    -- Paul Eaklor, Data Return
  • "Jonathan is a "Master" as a software architect, system designer, and programmer. He truly cares about his work and produces world-class applications. His ability to take a minimal set of instructions and complete a complex software assignment in a fraction of the time it took other developers to do the same work was simply amazing."
    -- Mark Brinkman, Brinkman Financial Company
  • "Jonathan is one of the best programmers you will ever meet. He is creative and innovative and will not rest until he finds the perfect solution to whatever problem is facing him."
    -- Matt Hoyt, Willow Creek Consulting
  • "Jonathan does a great job of balancing the technical issues of software development with usability. He really cares about the work he produces and is great to work with."
    -- Larry Beck, SignUsUp

Contact Information

Let us help you create the perfect software solution for your business. To find out more about what we can do for your organization, you may contact us using one of the options below.

Email: software2019@jonathanduke.com


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